“addAttachmentData:” to add any types of files as an attachment. .. a NSData object for that file, followed by nailing down the MIME type. achmentData Method public virtual Void AddAttachmentData (NSData attachment, String mimeType, String fileName ). The MFMailComposeViewController has the delegate method addAttachmentData:mimeType: fileName: that you can use to add attachment data to the.

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You can find more information about this app on my other post specifically dedicated to description of this app. A lot of developers want to be able to share their app data via email.

NSLog “Mail sent”.

– MFMailComposeViewController Class Reference

The demo app should display a list of files in the main view. The MessageUI framework has made it really easy to send email in your apps.

Since Swift is presently the hottest language for iOS apps development, I will provide the implementation in it. Here we modify the export button to prompt the user whether they want to export via File Sharing as before, or via email.

You can hold and tap on the attachment and it dadattachmentdata prompt you if you want to open it in Scary Bugs. Some asked how to attach a photo, PDF document or Powerpoint in the email.


One last thing before we can test: Xcode Project Template with a pre-built Storyboard. Intro to Object Oriented Programming. If the user chooses via email, we use a MFMailComposeViewController to create an email message, and we add ad attachment with our bug data to the message.

NSLog “Mail cancelled”. As the primary focus is to demonstrate the attachment usage, we keep the demo app very simple. As always, leave us comment and share your thought about the tutorial.

The project template comes with:. Demo App for email attachment. To save you from creating the Xcode project from scratch, you can download this project template to begin the development.

MonoTouch.MessageUI.MFMailComposeViewController.AddAttachmentData Method

This app allows you to make and save multiple signatures. After downloading and extracting the zipped file, addattachmentdat can compile and run the project. When Mail or some other app wants to send your app a file, it does so via one of two methods: If you have any suggestion for the iOS Programming series, feel free to let us know. In RootViewController, we pop to the addahtachmentdata view controller in case we were on a details view somewherecreate a new doc, and import from the given URL.

Stay up to date! Then compile and run your app, and you should be able to automatically export a scary bug from your app via email! In the above code, filePaths is a collection of full local file path. Compile and run the app. Line 7 creates the built-in MFMailComposeViewController, which provides the standard user interface addattachmeentdata managing the editing and sending of an email message.


NSLog “Mail sent failure: Whenever addattachmentdata tap on any of the file, the app automatically creates an email with the selected file as an attachment. Load Attachments In Your App! Today I will teach you how you can share not only media but any local items through an email through an iOS apps.

addattachmentdtaa You can test it out by emailing yourself a copy of this sample bug if you want:. You can check out this tutorial for further explanation. So go ahead and compile and run your app, and if all works well you should be able to open up the email attachment and see the bug imported into your app!

MessageUI.MFMailComposeViewController.AddAttachmentData Method

You can download this amazing app from app store totally free of cost! We populate the fields of that view with initial values including the recipient email, subject and body text. Subscribe to Fresh Beginning Stay up to date!