casa bianchi Architectural Section, Modern House Plans, Villa, Interior . Mario Botta: Riva san Vitale Lugano, Carlo Scarpa, Single Family, Home And. The Bianchi House by architect Mario Botta was built in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland in House at Riva San Vitale Designed by Mario Botta by praenim in Types > School Work > Study Guides, Notes, & Quizzes.

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Bianchi House – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

He opened his own practice in in Lugano. Characteristics of this region were the clear volumes of old buildings that raised over the trees as traces of human marks. The house can be considered as a compendium of all the compositional methods characteristic of Botta. Coloring a plan layout Geo-referencing your case study Finalizing your post Final presentation blogroll Atlas map. However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Subscribers – login ivtale skip ads. Acknowledging that with building one transforms nature, Mario Botta insisted on committing himself to build a pleasant and human space.

Bianchi House

Images shared above is great. Swiss couple, Carlo and Leontina Bianchi, were close friends of Mario Botta when he reformed an old apartment in the small village of Genestrerio for them. Nov 8, 16 I think it is also very necessary to take proper decisions before designing.

Van Nostrand Reinhold, Ledner Architecture in a Country of Stage Sets: In relation to its surroundings, the work intends to achieve a primarily vertical volume so as not to lose its key connection with the mountains, as they are also presented in a vertical form. Fourth floor From the entrance and in descending order, there is a study and an upper terrace orientated Botga toward the lake and mountains. From its more than cubic metres only square metres are inhabited. Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland, Date: The clear volumes of ancient constructions which rise above the trees like vestiges of human markings are characteristic of this region.


Mario Botta, Casa Bianchi,Riva S. Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland,1973

The house is found situated in the sub-Alpine region of Riva San Vitaebottaa the Swiss canton of Ticino, on a steep slope which descends to Lake Lugano, in a rural setting and maruo the end of an old footpath that winds up the mountains to reach the leafy forest.

Oct 27, 16 Each aperture in the facade frames a specific view and expresses Mario Botta’s belief that architecture is the design of a location. About Advertising Contact Newsletters Privacy. The most emblematic elements of the house are the grey concrete of the load-bearing walls and the red of the metallic bridge which leads to the house.

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Are you sure you housd to block this user and hide all related comments throughout the site? Inafter recently finishing his studies, Botta was asked by the same family to design a new house, but this time in the countryside of the Ticino Canton, at the foot of Monte San Giorgio, overlooking Lake Lugano.

Old “Roccolo” characterise the Ticino region. Materials The most emblematic elements of the house are the grey concrete of the load-bearing walls and the red of the metallic bridge which leads to the house. You can use pgt windows miami for installation of doors and windows. All of them are simple and common materials that reappear in the construction with the quality of treatment elaborated from Botta’s old Professor at Venice University, Carlo Scarpa.


The house is located around a centeralized staircase. The staircase divides the smaller service spaces to the north west and the larger outdoor balconies, terraces, and living spaces to the south east. Detail drawings will be harder to find.

First floor On the next level, that is, the first floor, is the social area which comprises a living room which links to the kitchen-diner by means of a passageway, in which the fireplace is located. Riva san Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland. Newer Post Older Post Home. Carlo and Leontina Bianchi were close friends of the Swiss architecture student, Mario Botta, when he refurbished an old flat for them in the village of Genestrerio, Switzerland. Since the house is organized around a central staircase, its spiral circulation faces different views.

Therefore, his facades are not simply a question of decorating the exterior surface of a building. Recognising that, in building upon it, one inevitably transforms nature, Botta advocates for compromise by building attractive human spaces.